Beach El Prat

El Prat beach is a located behind the Barcelona airport, in the town of El Prat de Llobregat. There are some good beaches around the city that are good alternatives for these summer days when Barcelona is crowded. And El Prat and its surroundings (El Remolar – Filipines also) are good choices.

Beach El Prat

El Prat de Llobregat beach

The beach has experimented substantial changes in the last years. Now has a big payment parking lot, which costs about 2 EUR/hour. It has also chiringuitosbeing the most famous one “El Calamar“. Also, there is a sailing center. But for the most of the people, who comes here to swim and sunbath, the most important is that there is plenty of space. It is a very long beach, that spans for more than 5,5 kilometer, following the airport perimeter. If you also love planes, you’ll se them landing or taking off very close, every 5 minutes or so!


Getting there is, maybe, some tricky. Please see the map below for detailed and up-to-date information, as it may vary from time to time. The easiest way is to get there by car or moto. But there is also a special bus from El Prat de Llobregat town that goes straight to the beach. To get to El Prat town, you can go by bus to the city or by train, from Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya or Plaza España).


El Remolar – Filipines beach

This beach is more difficult to reach: only by car and, then, walking. But this makes it very lonely and quiet.