Bocadillos in Can Ros, Barcelona

Can Ros, Barcelona

Where can you find some of the best bocadillos in Barcelona? Easy! In Can Ros. A traditional bar with long history that neighbors and locals well know for doing them. Bocadillos (or, as local says, “bocata“) are one of the most typical spanish food: two slices of bread and, in between… just let imagination flow.

In Can Ros you can find traditional bocadillos along with some of the most unique combinations, because these combinations you will only find here. All these combinations come with the best ingredients and quality food. Enjoy the homemade “Can Ros”: tuna, tomatoes, olives and red peppers. Or the more catalan “bull negre o bull blanc”, two of the most usual sausages in Catalonia.

These are only few examples of the more than 20 types of “bocatas” that you can eat here. Don’t forget to also order some of the best wine, beer and drinks of the area.

Where to find Can Ros and its bocadillos