Berga - Riu Llobregat

If you not only love bathing in the beach, but also enjoy refreshing yourself far away from the sea, in a natural pool in the middle of a pristine nature, then this place is for you.

In Catalonia, just an hour away from Barcelona, there are lots of natural swimming pools that rivers have created in the mountains around Barcelona in their way to the sea. One of these unique places is the one that draws the Llobregat river near Berga.

Berga - Riu Llobregat

Getting to Berga

The river Llobregat, along with the Besos river, ends up in the coast of Barcelona, but it is bornt in the Pyrenees, around 150km in the north of the capital catalan. It starts in Castellar de N’Hug (a place also worth the visit) and goes south to Barcelona, passing near the town of Berga.

To get to this place in the middle of the nature, the best option is to rent a car for a day and drive to Berga from Barcelona. It’s just an hour and a half ride from the city. Once in Berga, follow the indications of the map below to get to the parking, near a beautiful old medieval bridge, where you will have to leave the car and continue walking.

The mountain path near the Llobregat river and it’s natural swimming pools

The track is now only for pedestrians, and gets into the valley where the Llobregat river goes trough. It goes along the forest, then into a tunnel, a tall bridge to cross the river and into a second tunnel again.

After just 200 meters after exiting the second tunnel, you’ll see the river very close on the right, very close to the path. Here is the best place to stay and get a bath.

The rocks draw some small natural pools where you can wet yourself. The smooth rocks will let you sit or lay while you sunbath or get your feet into the river. If you’re brave enough, you can bath into the cold and pristine waters. This is a mountain river, so the water temperature is always cold. No problem in a sunny hot day when the sun gets you warm after a refreshing immersion.

Picnic in the middle of the nature

We recommend to bring your picnic food and eat it in the middle of the river. The beautiful surrounding scenery is the best spot for a picnic in the middle of the nature. No need to be said that you have to take with you all the garbage after your visit.